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August 6th, 2021, 8:17 pm
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I mentioned in another post that I made maple syrup. Our sugar shack had 3 stacks through the roof. 2 about 7" diameter for the steam and one 12" for the fire/smoke. It was necessary to feed that beast a handful of sticks every 6 minutes. After doing this for a few years I noticed many times that there was nothing to be seen coming out of the smoke stack ... and at other times it belched black smoke.

It took a while but we figured it out. When we put in fresh wood, the wood was barely above freezing temps. Cold wood does not burn !! It smoulders and makes a lot of ugly smoke. So we set up a routine that when we put wood in the firebox, we put new wood from outside under the firebox to warm it. The more we did this the more we liked it. The stack temp when we were rockin' and rollin' was about 1100 deg (digital with an alarm) When we were using cold wood the stack temp dropped to about 900-950 before we added wood.... then the temp dropped even more before going back up.

So there is a lesson here for stick burners with a Wichita or similar. The firebox on our has a small flat on top and the hinge at the back and the handle at the front. We put our cool wood on these points and by the time its needed in the firebox, it almost instantly bursts into flame and there is a minimal amount of smoke.

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