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April 8th, 2019, 4:04 pm
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Looking to get a few answers about the YS1500:

1. I don't see a drip tray; Do the drippings just make their way to the bottom of the pit and then empty to the drip bucket or is there a cleaner route?

2. Without a quick way of dispatching drippings, is the pit more prone to grease fires than a pellet pit with slanted drip tray that delivers drippings to the bucket?

3. Is there a cast iron tray for the YS1500 like the new(ish) one for the YS640? I'm guessing sitting the one for the 640 on the grill grates would suffice if there isn't one made specifically for the YS1500?

4. If there isn't a drip tray, how hard/easy is it to clean the YS1500 in comparison to a pellet pit with a drip tray?

Any other bits of wisdom is appreciated.

Thanks for your help!


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July 21st, 2019, 9:44 pm
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the ys 1500 is very easy to clean, ive had mine since 2015, all the fat drippings ends up at the heat managment plate, from there it goes down to the bottom of the pit and out into the grease bucket.

ive never had any kind of grease fire or similar in this grill, a bonus since the grill is slightly tilted towards the grease bucket and away from the firepot.

to clean the grill simply scrape off the managment plate with a steel spatula, once that is done, remove the management plate and showel up the grease with the same spade, super easy, while im at it i also remove the burn grate and do a vacum clean in the burn pot,

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