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July 20th, 2017, 8:31 pm
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I'm about to jump into the pellet world with a YS640 and had a few questions that I couldnt find answers to anywhere online. Im hoping some of you guys here can help...

1. My closest representative is about an hour and half away. If something were to ever need replacing, is the grill capable of being worked on by the customer?

2. I'm torn on getting the cart and stainless steel shelves. I'd like them but I'm already pushing my budget pretty far. Are those upgrade that I can do later on?

Any help is really appreciated. Im hoping to pull the trigger in the next few days and Im just looking for some piece of mind on these last few questions.

July 20th, 2017, 10:28 pm
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1. The warranty covers parts and not labor. The repairs are easily accomplished with simple tools. We have written and video instructions for all the repairs.

2. Yes, but the cost will be higher in the long run. Cart: http://www.atbbq.com/yoder-smokers-ys64 ... -base.html Shelves: http://www.atbbq.com/yoder-smokers-ys64 ... elves.html

July 26th, 2017, 4:59 pm
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It's easy to work on. The directions from Yoder are awesome, you can see many here and on the Yoder site. It's just a few screws and wires, anyone can do it with very basic tools. Over my 3+ years of owning a YS640 I only once needed parts. My fan was making a odd noise long ago. It was under warranty, they shipped both fans (high quality Delta fans) and the sealant no questions asked. It was not needed, it just made noise that one time, and that was over three years ago. So it's been running perfect since I got it. Parts are made in the USA, and can be shipped overnight if it's an issue. All you should ever need is a new igniter, and even if it dies you can still start the smoker manually.

Parts and quality are not an issue.

You do want the second shelf and the diffuser with the opening IMHO.

If you have a patio you don't need a cart. It rolls awesome on concrete. If you plan to transport or move across gravel or grass on a regular basis, the get the cart.

You don't need the stainless shelves, the chrome standard ones are very durable and are so strong you can lift the smoker on the small wheel side.

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