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October 5th, 2015, 2:43 pm
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Hi, I have been using a Weber smokey mountain bullet for 9 years now and recently have been interested in getting something that is more versatile. The countless research online has me narrowed down to a YS640 Yoder with the competition cart.. I have some concerns about the cost of the pellets and how many you go through during a cook, but still decided i want a YS640 with comp. cart. My question....does anyone on here have or know of a unit like this for sale? I know its a long shot, but maybe someone is interested in upgrading? I did locate one that needed repairs and i found that the shipping was almost impossible. The smoker needed to be on a pallet and secured. Cost after the unit was secured to a pallet would have been around $430.00. Has anyone successfully bought a used one and had it shipped? I would like to rule out the possibility of finding a used one before spending the $2000 plus to order one new. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated..Thanks

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