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December 28th, 2014, 6:43 pm
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A little over two years ago I stepped up my BBQ game by adding a Yoder YS 640 Pellet Grill to my culinary armada...the unit quickly became the star of not only the garage, but also the kitchen. These grills are built like tanks, cook incredibly consistently, not only in heat distribution, but also from cook to cook...the only variable in my cooks in the fat content and starting weights of the proteins. I've cooked everything on my 640 from fatties (SO MANY VARIATIONS...I even do a breakfast version for Christmas gifts to be enjoyed during or after gifts) to bread and brownies, pizzas, steaks (grilled and smoked) so so many pork butts, all types of ribs, brined turkeys (I will NEVER roast another turkey...and you also free up space in the oven, but if you're like me most of the sides will find their way onto the Yoder as well) and the venerable brisket...which I feel like I have really found a nice groove in that may blow the foundations out of the KCBS, all along learning how best to leverage this technology and make it dance! I must say the proteins coming out of this unit are best in class...I've eaten brisket, pork, and ribs all over the country, and the ONLY better BBQ I've eaten is in Lockhart Texas at Blacks...they just cannot be beat. Over the last summer (2014) my pit was running EVERY weekend, and we had some legendary Cul De Sac Cuisine (visit us on Facebook), all thanks to the star of the show, my YS 640 (20-30 people each time). Our neighbors were so impressed with the delicious meat-stuffs, they bought a 640 as well! THEN another neighbor bought a 480! We are literally blowing the curve in terms of Yoders per capita here in Spring Hill, Kansas. I don't sign off on a piece of equipment lightly, (food is literally what I do, I am a classically trained chef, and have a BIG job, with a BIG company involving food and beverage product development...I take this VERY seriously, it is not just a backyard hobby, well it is, but it is also always research). Yoder has all of my compliments, and future business...I may actually pick up another for the backyard this summer, just love these units. If you're himming and hawing about whether or not to invest in one of these cookers STOP, and place the order, you will not be disappointed, simply best in class. These are the 1-ton pickups of the smoker world, without question.

From an extremely satisfied customer.

December 28th, 2014, 8:59 pm
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Awesome my friend! Thank you for your story and kudos.

January 3rd, 2015, 4:19 pm
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Welcome to the group!
I am waiting for my Loaded Wichita due at the end of the month, stick burner or pellet, Yoder makes some great rigs.

April 25th, 2015, 1:38 pm
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Welcome, I too have been very impressed by Yoders product. I am a backyard cook, wanna be KCBS comp. cook( just haven't had the balls yet) , a local comp cook who turned into part time caterer, We have won local and county awards . I own the 640 and now the 1500,My Son in law owns a 480, he one in a raffle!!!! crazy, right! Each one a little different but man to they cook consistent , I am proud to display the Yoder banner our local events. Go Yoder!!! Awesome workhorse(s) as you said. I too will never go back to roasted bird, beef, pork or seafood.!!!!!

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