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July 30th, 2021, 11:13 pm
* Abilene ** Abilene *
  • Joined: July 7th, 2019, 9:13 pm
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Picked up a 14 pound packer at costco today completely unplanned.

Decided to do an overnight cook on the ys1500.

Trimmed and Seasoned with dalmation rub - salt and coarse black pepper.

Set the pit to 200 after the initial startup of 350.

Let the brisket come up to room temp while the cooker was stabilizing. Dropped it on the top middle shelf, point hopper side.
Probes in the middle between point and flat and another in the flat.

2.5 hours in and the flat temp is 154.5 and the middle is 149. Never had a brisket come up to those temps that quickly.

Well I’m sticking to my plan and leaving it on until morning where I planned on paper wrapping. I got the temp and timing from a vid on the YS640 (carnivor rub video). 200 from 8 to 8, wrap then 225 till done.

I have a feeling this will not end well and I will be asking for help yet again.

Updates tmrw.


July 31st, 2021, 11:18 am
* Abilene ** Abilene *
  • Joined: July 7th, 2019, 9:13 pm
  • Posts: 6

Yep its mostly a brick. The flat dry like cardboard. The point held up much better.

I think i may of over trimmed the brisket. Leaving no protection and reducing the mass which probably led to the fast cook times.

Back to the drawing board!

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