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YS640s firmware?

PostPosted: July 28th, 2020, 9:53 pm
by EdwardAlt
My new YS640s is on 640-1.0.18. What is the latest firmware and how do I get it there?

I configured wifi via the bluetooth connected app, and it says connected (through the app). When I look at the controller menu it does not display the SSID.

Also, it seems I can only connect to the controller via bluetooth. If I am too far away the app will say Waiting on temperature data. Shouldn't this work via wifi also? Will a firmware update fix that?


Re: YS640s firmware?

PostPosted: July 29th, 2020, 2:20 pm
by EdwardAlt
I did a WiFi Reset, scanned available wireless networks, selected my 2.4 Ghz SSID, and put in the password, and it now seems to be working. I see the SSID in the app, and my wifi access point shows an IP address associated with it now.

I'm not starting the smoker as it is in the garage (it's raining today), just performing wifi management (troubleshooting).

Looking good. More to come