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November 3rd, 2021, 9:49 pm
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Just wanted to compliment my local Yoder dealer. In Northern California there are two Yoder dealers. One of them, Diablo Grills, has two locations, one in the San Francisco Bay Area and one in the Sacramento area with their warehouse located in Eastern Sacramento. When I decided to purchase a Yoder and rely on the folks at Diablo Grills I was hoping for a good experience. From the start I felt cared for and my questions were answered in a timely and knowledgeable manner. Rohnda, at Diablo’s Walnut Creek location, was my contact. She answered my phone calls and emails and helped me decide on the extras. I ordered the YS640s and hopped in line waiting for the next shipment as it seems many more folks had the same idea at the same time I did. I placed my order in August and patiently waited. I had a family event which delayed my pickup and Rohnda was more than accommodating and had my smoker waiting for me at their Sacramento warehouse.

Today was the day I was finally able to pick it up. At their warehouse location Mike had it all ready for me. He expertly and with a lot of care placed it in the back of my mini van, all 350 lbs of it. The box fit with room to spare. Mike worked quickly and was very excited for my new purchase. He was even smart enough to place the box into my van in a way that when unloaded, it ended up being positioned perfectly upright the way it was supposed to be for construction. That’s something I never would have thought of and he seemed to know exactly what to do. That was a really pleasant and thoughtful surprise. Even though Yoder dealers are few and far between out here on the edge of the world, I was very happy with their excellent service.

The box is now safe in my garage ready for the weekend construction, WiFi programming, and the first run and seasoning. I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time. I’ve even picked out my WiFi name for this beast.


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