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July 7th, 2020, 3:03 pm
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After 16 Hours of Low and Slow

I'm a new Yoder Fan! Have seen them for years on ATBBQ but lived in Germany and took a RECTEC and Big Green Egg with me. Upon returning to the US a year ago the wife got me a Yoder 640ACS from ATBBQ as a fathers day gift. I sold the BGE and kept the RECTEC. While in Germany I was able to source some incredible whole hogs from a plant close by and stuffed them onto the RECTEC and somewhat catered going aways, promotions and other parties. I can run a whole hog on a pellet smoker and some really kick butt brisket. Anyway, my neighbors didnt believe me and wanted to see the real deal vice pictures. I measured the 640 and figured I could fit up to a 70LB hog on it depending on its growth. I got a local BBQ shop to source me a 65LB hog and brought it home on the 2nd of July. It got injected with Oakridge BBQ Injection and rubbed on the inside with Meat Church Voodoo.. Love it! I basted it down with Duck Fat as it cooked (spray can) and started it on the night of July 3rd at 10PM @ 190 - woke up at 0800 and it was right at 155 degrees (front and back) - Bumped to 225 til noon and 250 until 2pm on the 4th. At 2PM on the 4th it was 205 in the loin and 198 in the butt.. It rested tented in foil until 5 PM and when we pulled it apart, it was still too hot to handle. This thing was incredible and we had 6 different sauces ranging from tomato based to vinegar and everything in between. The 30 or so neighbors ate one half and the rest went home in ziplocs to them.. It was 200.00 dollars to source it and I barely ran thru an entire hopper of pellets. Only looked a few times to take pics and spray the duck fat, but the YODER 640ACS ran like a champ. I loved my RECTEC but these things are incredible! For those that think you cant do what you can on Stick Burner.. Think again! This hog was the real deal and I'd put it against any stick burner out there, even for chicken or brisket as well.

Skin Pulled off and Food line right behind me!
December 2nd, 2020, 7:22 pm
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Now that is beautiful! Nice work!

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