October 17th, 2023, 1:39 pm
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Been a long time pellet smoker (YS640) and just got my hands on the Wichita Loaded. Wanted to test my BBQ skills so had to go offset for my next purchase. Main question here is the benefit of the "heat management plate". I'm not too concerned with the even temps as i don't mind it when i cook different foods that might require different temps. I can manage it by putting the meat in certain spots to maintain a desired temp. My question is more about the pros/cons with using a heat management plate. I've read that it affects the air flow and smoke effect. I'm curious if anyone has removed it because they found better results. If they have removed it, do you have certain tips and is there certain foods that you found come out better with the plate in or visa versa.

Quick note: Its my 4th week with it and cooked a thanksgiving turkey and pork ribs another time. Both came out amazing and managed to keep a good clean fire the whole time. Pretty simple actually. I don't use the fire grate, took that out and put the coals right on the bottom of the fire box and add wood as i need. I have the stack open all the way. Once i have the wood lit nicely, i'll close the fire box lid with the side door open until i'm confident the wood has caught. then i close the side door with leave the side vent wide open. I haven't closed any of the vents so far. Keep them fully open. My thought is keeping max air flow through the chamber so i don't play with the vents. I'll regulate the temp by how much and size of wood i put in.

Any thoughts or tips would be appreciated.


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