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June 5th, 2021, 1:55 pm
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Hello Yoder community,

I can say with confidence that ill be purchasing a yoder this coming week. My local shop has 480s in stock and will have another order of 640s coming on the 15th so 10 days from now. I know I want the yoder pellet grill as an all in 1 grill with an outstanding reputation. My biggest question for everyone on here is which size! I know this is subjective to a ton of variables. Here are mine I typically cook for 2 but I want this grill to do everything for me between smoking salmon to briskets, ribs and turkeys for daily use steaks burgers chicken and holiday use. I will cook for 5-8 meat eaters on occasion. Im currently leaning towards the 480 but for a couple hundred more I could have the bigger grill. A few things come to mind. Bigger is better and I dont want to second guess my purchase later (a big reason as to why Im going yoder over a cheaper brand) I want this grill to last me 10+ years and I think the 480 would be able to grow with the family and needs. Please share your thoughts on sizing, hopefully it will clear up things for me.
Yoder Herb all your info on here has been super helpful. Few things about me Im new to pellet smoking.. Ive been using a gas grill and a smoke box Its been a PITA but Ive been making it work for shorter cooks. Im in the Denver area so rust is no concern for me but it will be covered whenever not used.


June 5th, 2021, 3:56 pm
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For the small price difference, ($220) get the'll regret it when you need more room on the 480

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