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August 8th, 2020, 11:00 pm
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Hi all,

I have a YS640S on a black cart on order, with 10" wheels and lots of other add-ons. I'm a former Kansan who grew up about 60 miles from Yoder, and now live in the Phoenix area after retiring from the US Army 10 years ago from my chair-borne job as a veterinary anatomic pathologist. I now work in pharmaceutical development (exciting and very busy times).

This will be my first smoker and really first time as a grill operator. We have a built-in Capital brand propane grill that I've spent more time maintaining than operating. I look forward to the greater control and flavor a pellet-grill will offer. I also appreciate that the wheels will let me place it anywhere the Phoenix sun is not beating down; like on a patio or other shaded spot.

I ordered the grill from All Things BBQ in Wichita, KS, after visiting their physical store. The quality of the grill and the excellent YouTube videos their store staff have produced sold the DW and I on ordering one! It is a huge plus that they are made in the USA, and Kansas to boot!

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