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April 6th, 2022, 2:50 pm
* Abilene ** Abilene *
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Hey Guys,
I am having a very frustrating experience with my brand new Cimarron Pellet. Maybe some have had similar issues, and can give me some insight or a solution. So when firing the smoker up and setting the temp to 250 the other night after 4 hours it never reached set temp (250) so I ended up shutting it down and using my 640 for the over night cook I had planned. The next day I was able to use the heat deflector plate to bandaid it through the cook by opening and closing it and watching it quite closely. I than cleaned the smoker out spotless inside and out and ran it with no meat and no opening of the door, it took about 4 hours but was able to finally maintain a set temp of 250. When I watch the auger speed compared to the current pit temp its seems to me like it takes forever for the auger to finally decide to pump the speed up a bit when temps are falling, and when climbing to set temp it doesn't like to run the auger very fast either. You can see in the attached image with no meat, no opening door how long it takes for the smoker to finally reach set temp (roughly 4 hours). The huge and long temp swings at the start compared to the auger speed is my concern.

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