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** Please feel free to make this "your way" or change up the recipe or techniques however you want.. This is how I do it. **

I was walking through Sam's club and saw that they had a gallon jug of Frank's Hot Sauce, and wondered if normal people would have a reason to buy a gallon of hot sauce. After walking through the meat section, an idea hit me. So after picking up a couple of bone in pork butts, I went back and picked up a gallon jug of Frank's hot sauce.


When I got home and unloaded, the first thing my wife said is "what are you going to do with all that hot sauce. Don't expect me to eat it". I explained my idea, and she again said "don't expect me to eat it, as it will be way too spicy." Of course I told her that every time she says something is not going to taste good, she ends up loving it, to which she said "not this time, that is going to be way to spicy for me!"

I carefully trimmed just the surface fat from the pork butts to expose the meat. I then butterflied the pork butts in half (the bone end was obviously a touch thicker) from the bone to the money muscle, making the pork butts long, and exposing more of the meat. I then trimmed off the bits that I wouldn't want to eat, and placed the butts in separate 2 gallon ziplock bags.

I put 2 pints of the Frank's hot sauce in a bowl, and mixed in 1 heaping tablespoon of minced garlic, then poured the mixture over one of the pork butts in one of the bags, and then did the same process for the 2nd bag. I burped the air out of each bag and sealed them, placed them in a tub (in case a bag leaked) and put them in the fridge to marinate for 2 days, turning and massaging every once in a while.

After the 2 day marinade, I started my YS640 and set it for 250, removed the upper rack and put in 2 stackable cookie racks to raise the meat up approximately 2" above the bottom grate. I took the pork butts out of the marinade (I did not remove any excess marinade), saving some of the marinade from the bag, and placed them on a wire rack. I seasoned all sides with my Herb's herbs seasoning (salt and pepper would suffice).


I put the wire rack containing the 2 pork butts on the cookie racks in the cooker (bone ends on the left), used a sauce brush to gently cover the entire surface of the meat with the marinade I saved from the bag.


I closed the lid of the cooker, filled the pellet hopper and let the YS640 do its thing.

When the bark was hard set, and the meat had the color I was looking for, it was time to wrap the butts in foil for the last part of the process. This is not something set in stone, or tied to some arbitrary internal temperature (I have no idea what the temperature was)



I put each pork butt on foil, poured approximately 1/2 to 1 cup (depending on the size of the pork butt) of agave syrup over the meat so that it was evenly coated, and tightly wrapped them each up in 2 layers of heavy duty foil, and them put them back on the cooker.



I turned up the temp on the cooker to 325 and let the cooker do its magic. I waited a little over an hour before checking the meat for tenderness, and found that it still needed some time to finish (there isn't a set time for this as each piece of meat cooks differently). I checked again in about 30 minutes, and both butts were telling me that they were ready to come off the cooker. I removed the meat from the cooker and opened the foil to allow the heat to escape to stop the cooking process.


We waited approximately 30 minutes before pulling the meat right in the foil. We mixed the meat in the juice in the foil and served. I apologize that I did not get any pictures of the final product, and when I did think of it, it was too late as it was all eaten by our guests.

I want to report that my wife enjoyed the end product so much, that I have been told that this is the way I am supposed to make pulled pork from now on. Well, chalk another one up on my side of the list of "that won't be any good".


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