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How full can I load ys640 ?

PostPosted: August 1st, 2019, 8:18 pm
by smokingbanda
I have to do 6 briskets and 6 pork butts for a last minute wedding ---- Someone backed out they asked if I could help

I initially thought about doing it in 3 batches 6 pork butts with rack off top and then 3 briskets in 2 batches

If I leave top rack on and do 2 briskets on top over 3 briskets on bottom is there anything I should know?? turn up temp or just rock n roll at 250 which is what I normally smoke them at until nice deep mahogany color then I foil

Ideas would be appreciated thanks!

Re: How full can I load ys640 ?

PostPosted: August 3rd, 2019, 3:34 pm
by ofelles
I did 8 butts, total 72 lbs, in one cook. YS640 performed flawlessly. I started at 4;00PM at 200F. upped temp to 225F at 12:00AM. Pulled the 2 smallest butts at 9:00AM and the rest at 10:00AM all at 205F to 210F IT. No wrap just nekid. Rested for 3 hours. Bone pulled right out meat and was tender and juicy.