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Cut off my drip spout

PostPosted: September 28th, 2022, 4:37 pm
by SmokinWillie
Hey fellow Yoderers,

I've got a YS640 that I'm planning to move onto a flat surface. I've taken it off the cart legs, and set it straight on the countertop. The stubs on the grill raise it about 4 inches off the surface.

All was going to plan, until I noticed that my little drain spout sticks out the bottom of the grill, same length as the stubs. So the opening rests flush against the countertop. Obviously that won't work.

So my options are:
1) Raise the grill, which isn't ideal for usability
2) Take an angle grinder and hack off most of my drip spout to shorten it

I can't see a reason #2 wouldn't work, other than maybe the run-off wouldn't be as controlled. But I'm planning to slide a pan underneath to catch drips anyway.

Thoughts? Better solution ideas?