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October 10th, 2020, 12:37 am
* Abilene ** Abilene *
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Hi Folks,

I’m performing a S Series Upgrade on a “new to me” 2018 YS640 and I picked up a YS Series High Flow Pellet Burn Grate when I was doing the Ceramic Igniter. Now my question is a what am I missing/ doing wrong one in that the new burn grate is not sitting flush against the hopper wall.. there is about a half inch gap.. the old grate sits flush..

Thoughts? Likely operator error but I can’t see how and from reading here, said gap is a fire hazard..

October 15th, 2020, 10:55 am
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Have you attempted to reshape the burn grate by placing it open face down on a hard surface and stepping on it? Make sure to check fitment after a couple attempts to get the best fit.

October 15th, 2020, 1:27 pm
* Abilene ** Abilene *
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I have not as it is brand new and per Yoder/Atbbq’s product description page it should work in the YS640

Bend wise the upgraded grate is identical to the older save that it is shorter..

I’ll add images shortly

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