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July 5th, 2020, 4:47 pm
* Abilene ** Abilene *
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fire box
New owner and first time post which is (unfortunately) a problem:

Had my YS480S for about a week. Cooked a couple of pizzas and earlier this week did a chicken and chicken wings.

There was an issue with the grill jumping well over the set temp, with lots of smoke. Assumed it was grease burning off. Went to clean it out today and found that the seal on the fire box is gone (looks like the fire box is actually warped, if that's possible?). There were a couple of pellets stuck in between the wall of the grill and where the seal used to be. There is residual gasket on the burn grate. Also, the burn grate does not sit flush.

See photos attached.

No idea what the issue is or how to fix it (and stop it from happening again as this was a bit of an investment!).

Any help is appreciated...

burn grate 2
burn grate

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