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July 7th, 2018, 12:30 pm
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I have had my YS-640 for almost two months now.. Somewhat of a learning curve moving from a Masterbuilt electric smoker to a pellet smoker. The initial burn in went good , then I cleaned the inside and then wiped the inside down with peanut oil including the racks . I put a heavy coat of peanut oil on the two piece diffuser and then did another burn in for about an hour.. To me this has really helped with the seasoning of the smoker. The inside is almost like a well seasoned cast iron skillet. The diffuser is easy to clean after a few cooks with a plastic scrapper.. and then just wipe it down with some more peanut oil.. I have learned at startup to let the 640 do its thing and heat up to what ever temp it reaches and then settle back to the 350 deg startup temp. Then I set the temp I want for the meat I am smoking.. I think the smoker then will do a better job of maintaining the set temp. I keep my baffle pushed in about 4 inches and have found this gives the best overall even temps across the smoker. I will have to say this 640 has put out some awesome ribs, tri-tips, Boston butts, whole chickens, bologna, jalapeño poppers .. Hope to try the grill grates soon with some burgers and steaks.. The best added accessory is the FireBoard .. well worth the money !! I use Lumberjack pellets competition blend .. great smoke and not much ash . Plus they are $ 8.99 at Rural King for a 20 lb bag.. The two piece diffuser makes for a quick and easy ash cleanup after the cool down period.. I have not had any paint problem at all.. So my overall assessment of the YS-640 is it is an AWESOME smoker just give yourself some time and learn your smoker .. Keep it cleaned out ,keep it wiped down on the outside and let the smoke roll.. and enjoy some wonderful smoked food..

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