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April 17th, 2022, 8:38 pm
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Placing my order tomorrow for a YS640s with the competition cart..

I've owned 2 Traegers, currently a Pro780, and have been happy with both. Time to move on and up. Started 35 years ago with cheap $50 Walmart gassers, then I bought a full stainless Phoenix much to the dismay of my wife. 29 years later the Phoenix is still here and she's long gone. I still have 4 Phoenix grills, down from 9 at one point. 2 Weber charcoal, 2 Aussie camping gassers, and an offset stick burner my son and I built years ago out of a 4' piece of 24" gas pipe with a 16" dia. x 24" long firebox. Picked up a TEC at the end of a driveway a couple weeks ago, the price tag said "$Free.99", cleaned it up and it'll be my rotisserie rig.

My new wife wants to know if anyone here knows of a good therapist I could consult for my obvious condition.............

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