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August 11th, 2019, 3:29 pm
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Decided to go with the YS640s.

When I ordered it they said it was going to be a month, but then I got a shipping notification a couple days later! Guess I timed it right. So I ordered and received the smoker in just about a week.

Showed up this past Friday.

The packaging was perfect, the boxes looked like they hand't just been shipped freight across country..

Proceeded to put it together. It was actually very easy and I was able to do everything by myself. Instructions were good and easy to follow. The YS640 is "Uge!".

Wow! Worth every penny. So happy!

The pictures and videos just don't do it justice. This thing is so well thought out and so well built. After my first brief experience with the GMG Jim Bowie I said, just couldn't be happier.

Anyone who compares the Yoders to any of the Chinese grills and says they are "as good", is full of it. There just isn't any comparison.

Made three racks of ribs last night and brunch on the cast iron griddle this morning.

Got a couple other questions but I'll post those in new topics.

Lastly, anyone coming to this site to figure out if they should spend the money on this grill or not...just do it. If you are looking that the Yoders, I promise you won't be happy if you buy something else.

August 11th, 2019, 3:34 pm
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Congrats and thank you!


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