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June 5th, 2018, 10:11 am
* Abilene ** Abilene *
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Has anyone else had an issue with the counterweight of the lid cutting into the paint on the backside of the smoker where it rests when the lid is open? It has cut through the paint down to the metal on the back of the smoker. I was wondering if anyone had a fix for this. Thanks!

June 5th, 2018, 12:27 pm
* Kingman ** Kingman *
  • Joined: September 3rd, 2014, 11:04 pm
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Mine has a bit of wear, 4+ years old. No rust to say or issues. I live in a very dry climate.

June 5th, 2018, 8:40 pm
* Abilene ** Abilene *
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Yes...and well rusted like most of my YS640.....would have been great if high heat primer was used

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June 16th, 2018, 5:54 pm
* Abilene ** Abilene *
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Do what I did......

You know those little felt pieces of different sizes with a sticky side?
I put a couple on the counter weight where it contacts the body and I put one on the hopper lid
where it contacts the "stop" when it is lifted all the way back. Makes for no scratches and no clanks!


July 25th, 2018, 10:41 am
* Abilene ** Abilene *
  • Joined: June 28th, 2018, 5:21 pm
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As above, BGE gasket nomex 1" piece on the slight inferior edge edge of the counterweight i.e. actual point of contact and it works great!

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