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April 24th, 2018, 7:17 pm
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One of our family friends is always looking for Hungarian festivals and gatherings, to be able to eat the food that he and his brother grew up as kids in Hungary. They both have made trips back to Hungary to visit family, and are always looking for their ethnic food here in the states locally, without having to mail order blind to see if the food is authentic.

Well, we decided to help them out by making the sausage they grew up with. We told them to get the family recipe from their mother, who is still in Hungary, and we would duplicate it for them, IF, they were willing to help. We had previously received some Hungarian paprika as gifts from their trips back home, which made the process possible.

We started by putting a knife in the hand of our friend, and sat pork butts in front of him to cut up to grind. The recipe was for 10kg of sausage, so after cutting up 4 pork butts, we had enough to start grinding.

This is the first grind of the meat:


The first grind complete:
first grind.jpg

The mixing of the meat after the 2nd grind of the meat:

Sampling the meat prior to stuffing:
tasting before stuffing.jpg

The stuffer is ready:
stuffer is ready.jpg

First ring off the stuffer:
just off the stuffer.jpg

After twisting links:

More links:

10kg of links and bulk sausage:
links and bulk.jpg

10 kgs.jpg

Half the linked sausage was smoked on a YS640:
on the smoker.jpg

Here is the first meal that they had with the sausage we made, potatoes and pickled vegetables called csalamádé:
first sausage meal.jpg

All in all, according to our Hungarian friends, this was a total success, and one that they have said they will want to do over and over as the sausage is depleted. The picture of the sausage meal, came with a "Oh my goodness, it is delicious!"

Sometimes using your experience and equipment beyond personal use, brings happiness and joy to others, and in the end, to you as well.

BTW - I am sure that there are many questions about the recipe, but sorry, the recipe is a family recipe and we will respect that.


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