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March 2nd, 2017, 10:25 pm
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To change things up, I decided to show the difference between doing a normal reverse sear using the optional grill grates, and flipping the optional grill grates over for a griddle or pan-like sear on a YS640.

I first cleaned all of the ash from the burn grate and the firepot, plugged the cooker into power, flipped the switch to the ON position and left the default temperature setting of 350 degrees. While I waited for the fire to start, I removed the left hand grate (or grates if you have the round bar grates), and replaced it with the optional 3 piece grill grate kit, flat side up. I then put in the upper shelf. After the fire started, I closed the lid and walked away from the cooker for about 30 minutes. When I checked in on the cooker, it was still in the cool down mode from the overshoot, so I set my desired cooking temperature of 250 and walked away to prep the meat for this experiment.

Here is how the YS640 was setup, top grate in, optional grill grate kit on the left, flat side up, 2 piece diffuser with the door installed in place in the cooker, cast iron pan on the right to preheat for seasoned onions and mushrooms:

640 set up for reverse griddle style sear.JPG

BBQR's Delight Pecan and Cherry mixed 50/50 in the hopper:

bbqrs pecan and cherry pellets in the hopper.JPG

After the initial 30 minute heat up the cooker was set to 250 degrees:

250 set temp for smoke.JPG

When the temp on the display hit approximately 300 degrees, I put the seasoned steaks in the cooker on the top shelf:

cheap steaks on for reverse sear.JPG

This is the smoke output from the chimney after the cooker stabilized at my 350 degree set temperature:

[ Play Quicktime file ] smoke at 250.mp4 [ 266.85 KiB | Viewed 3736 times ]

This was a quick picture of the smoke in the cooker right after the video directly above (not good to keep opening the cooker, but hey, this is for illustration purposes):

smoke in the cooker at 250.JPG

At approximately 60 minutes I checked the internal temp of the steaks. My target was between 105 and 110 degrees. This is an approximate time, depending on the thickness of your steaks. When doing this, you will need to experiment to get the right timing for your process:

time to take off the cooker to wait for sear.JPG

I then took the steaks off the cooker and put them on a plate:

smoke is done.JPG

I then put foil around the plate to retain the heat in the steaks:

waiting for the sear.JPG

Time to set up for searing the steaks. I removed the upper grate, put a stick of butter in the cast iron pan and closed the lid. After a few minutes the butter was melted so I dropped the half moons of a sliced onion into the cast iron pan with the melted butter:

cooker set up for sear after smoke.JPG

I set the temperature on the controller for 495 degrees,

set temp for sear.JPG

This is the smoke output from the chimney during the heat up to 495 degrees:

[ Play Quicktime file ] smoke warming up to 495.mp4 [ 271.41 KiB | Viewed 3736 times ]

This is the temp of the optional grill grate flat surface when the temperature of the cooker hit 495 degrees on the display:

grate surface temo at 495.JPG

This is the temperature of the steaks after being tented in foil waiting for the cooker to get up to searing temperature:

temp after tenting and ready for the sear.JPG

I put the mushrooms in the pan with the butter and onions, put the steaks on the optional grill grates for the sear. After 3 minutes I flipped the steaks. I will tell you that this is much different than using the optional grill grates in their normal position, as I believe that 1 1/2 minutes on each side for the steak thickness and consistency would have been better timing using the flat side, instead of my normal timing for the optional grill grates in their normal position:

seared and flipped.JPG

The temp of the steaks during a very short sear on the second side. My normal temp to remove steaks (which may differ from yours) is normally 125 to 130, knowing that the meat will rise about 5 degrees after removing from the cooker and resting a few minutes:

after the sear.JPG

I handed off the steaks to my wife while I finished up the seasoned onions and mushrooms. Unfortunately, we had a miscommunication about loosely tenting the steaks and tenting the steaks. The foil was tightly wrapped around the steaks instead of just laying the foil over the steaks, so they rose in temperature past our normal target temp of 130 to 135. Oh well, they were still good. I took a picture of the temperature of the steaks when I first cut into them, but the picture was blurry, so you will have to take my word that the temp was approximately 143 degrees.

Here is what the sear looked like:


Here is the first cut on a steak after resting:

first cut.JPG

So, do the optional grill grates work to sear steak with the flat side up? YES!


[ Play Quicktime file ] Video.MOV [ 343.07 KiB | Viewed 3060 times ]


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