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March 25th, 2016, 8:22 pm
* Kingman ** Kingman *
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Well, it's a beast! Heavier than the original. Ordered from AT BBQ, free shipping ground from Kansas to Vegas. Arrived in 4 biznessdays in good shape. It's got the reinforcement at the left end, it's not going to warp. That's the luck of the draw anyway, and my original plate never warped.

Used it last night to cook some NY Strips. Worked very well! It was nice to reach in there and dump the firepot before I started the grill instead of removing the full plate. On short cooks that's going to save a lot of hassle for sure. After big cooks I'll still need to open it up and clean more.

I think it's a pricey piece (quality costs $$, that's why buying a Yoder is the right thing to do). It's is a great product that will last as long as my 640 and not having to remove the plate is the best part. Thanks Yoder!

I'll be covering it with the wide alum foil like before when using the door as a normal smoker, but using 4 big assed bolts to hold the foil down in the corners. I used to cover the original diffuser and firmly tuck the foil under the edges, taking care to get it really smooth on the underside at the right edge, don't want to ruin that heat channel airflow. Now replacing the foil is even easier!

I'll be doing a big 7 butt pork roast on April 2nd, I'll update this post and let you know more.

Ohh at AT BBQ make sure you get the free rub for spending over $50 I just got the Plowboys Yard rub in the mail. A finger test is salty, and other good flavors. Nice! Kinda like Lowery's Seasoning salt but with some great rub spices like Paprika and other goodies. I think it will do fine on chicken, I'll stick to Mad Hunky for my pork rub. A nice little shaker of this on the counter for eggs and bacon would be nice, actually could be better than my Mad Hunky shaker. It would be really good on popcorn!

AT Bbq, you sell it by the lb yet? Think about it........ Buying 10 shakers ain't gonna work.......

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