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July 18th, 2017, 7:37 am
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I have just purchased a YS1500. Could you direct me to the forum that would help me to position the Heat Management sliding plate during different meat and pie cooks?

July 18th, 2017, 12:01 pm
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Here is an excerpt from a conversations with a YS1500 owner that may help:

The cooker will never have an exact temperature from end to end, or from top to bottom. My suggestion is to do this test: get two pork butts of approximately the same size, follow this procedure for the startup of the cooker: download/Best%20Practice%20and%20how%20to/Recommend%20procedure%20for%20starting%20up%20a%20Yoder%20pellet%20cooker.pdf Once the 30 minute startup has been accomplished, place one pork butt in the exact center of each lower grate (if one is even slightly bigger put it on the left grate), set the cooking temp to 250, close the lid, and keep the lid closed for a minimum of 6 hours.

After an hour, check the door gauges to see if any adjustment to the HMS is required, and if you make a change, do not make another one for a minimum of 30 minutes (remember, don't open the lid). After you are satisfied you can't improve the side to side any further by manipulating the HMS damper, you can start to make fine tuning adjustments with the chimney damper, but, same rules, only 1 change every 30 minutes (never close the chimney damper more than 50%).

If you use external probes, you should see the temperatures in both pieces of meat, if not, after 6 hours, use a quick read thermometer to quickly get the temperatures of each piece of meat to see how they compare, and immediately close the lid. Are the internal temperatures of each piece of meat close, or is one higher than the other? If there is a difference in temperature, and if so, is the differential large enough that the pieces of meat need to be rotated, and if so, open the lid only long enough to rotate and immediately close it.


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