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Dimensional drawings

PostPosted: March 22nd, 2017, 9:12 pm
by HairNutz
First off, thanks for providing them. They are helpful.

That said, this is just a suggestion, they lack some information that would be useful - at least to some.

Wheelbase is incomplete. 26.63 x ? (Porch may or may not allow for placement while allowing for overhang of the shelf - while still allowing 12" of clearance around smoker)

Variable displacement handle fully extended missing as is height. (12" of clearance around smoker but may need to account for a table that the handle could extend over or to)

Distance from front shelf to door and amount of clearance / width of front shelf (what size tray can rest on shelf and let me open door)

Amount of clearance between side shelf and chimney / width of side shelf (what size tray or accessories)

Internal dimensions. Bottom to diffuser. Diffuser to bottom rack. Bottom rack to top rack. Top rack to top of smoker. Widths. (what size trays / how much food / how tall / drip pans / etc)

Dimensions between the bottom storage shelf and bottom of pit.

Im sure most wont need a lot of this information but some will. Dimensional drawings are a plus, just suggesting improvements after reading pretty much every post on every forum and planning for my own to be delivered. Well, picked up but thats a story for another day thats entirely on the delivery company.