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August 9th, 2018, 7:58 pm
* Abilene ** Abilene *
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Only my 4th cook and I decided to try my hand at smoking a brisket flat. Bought it at Costco, read a bunch of different forums, watched endless you tube videos, and got the basics of what to do. I trimmed the flat a bit, cut off most of the silver skin, and seasoned the brisket. Set my YS 640 for 250 and put it on the main shelf. At 160 internal I wrapped the flat in some butcher paper that my local grocery store butcher kindly gave to me, and I waited patiently for the internal temp to hit 200 which seemed to take forever. Total cooking time was longer than I anticipated, but after resting for an hour decided it was time to slice it and see how I'd done. For the most part I'm very happy with the results. I didn't have the mahogany bark I would have liked, but I did have some bark, a nice smoke ring, it was moist, and it passed the pull test. It had a nicely smoky but not too smoky flavor. I used apple and charred hickory lumberjack pellets . I tried my Thermoworks Smoke for the first time and learned that the internal temp in the smoker ran about 25 degrees cooler than the set temperature on the Yoder controller. Had I realized this earlier I would have raised my set temperature by that amount so that I would be smoking at closer to my desired 250 setting. I had my damper pulled all the way out because from what I've read that's what most people seem to do. I haven't done the bacon or biscuit test so I'm not really sure how evenly the heat is dispersed in the smoker. Guess I should do that before I decide to do another long smoke. All in all I'm very happy with everything I've smoked so far and know that I'll get better results the more I use it.

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