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January 26th, 2016, 1:24 pm
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I'm close to ordering a smoker from the Frontiersman line and have some questions regarding the insulated firebox option. Reduced fuel use and better efficiency are among the apparent advantages but does anyone know the measure of effect on these under typical conditions when compared to the standard firebox over the course of a ten or twelve hour cook as an example? Is the effect more pronounced in cooler ambient temperatures?

Also, and I may be mistaken on this, it appears that the insulated fireboxes do not have an opening lid. When establishing a bed of coals, is it awkward getting chimneys of hot charcoal in and out without the lid or do folks use the "Texas match" or some other method to get the fire going sans opening on top? I've also found on my current cooker that I can open the firebox lid and spill some heat if I screw up and get the fire too big & hot. Is there a trick to getting the same result without the lid to vent some heat or will I have to become competent at fire management? :lol:

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